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Auto Loans  
We offers auto loan services in all cities and states.  

1.) What are the eligibility criteria for availing a Loan?
     Some of the factors that are considered in deciding the eligibility criteria for loan are :
        1) Age
       2) Capacity to service the loan
       3) Stable source of Income
       4) Fixed financial liabilities
       5) Stability of occupation
       6) Repayment capacity
       7) Willingness to repay

2.) What is the minimum age before one can avail a loan?
     The minimum age requirement for availing any type of Loan is 21 years, and the      maximum is 55 years. The maximum age can be relaxed in deserving cases up to 60      years.

3.) What are the various types of loans the TBFL provides?
     TBFL provides the following types of housing loans :
  • Auto Loans for financing the two or four wheeler.
  • Consumer Durable Loans for purchase of various accessories like refrigerator, music system, washing machine, etc .
  • Equipment loan for buy equipments required at your home or office.
  • Personal Belonging Loan.
  • Other Loan.
4.) Whether TBFL provide loans for commercial property, like offices etc.?
   Yes. TBFL provides loan to self-employed professionals for purchase of commercial       property for use of their office./practice.

5.) What is the minimum/ maximum loan amount?
   TBFL provides finance from a minimum amount of Rs. 1 lakh to a maximum limit of 1       crore, under, special circumstances the maximum amount is relaxed. Up to 85% of the       cost of property (cost mentioned in the deed + registration cost), including registration       charges can be financed, subject to other terms and conditions. The loan amount is       determined on the basis of repayment capacity of the applicant taking into account
      his/her income, age, assets and liabilities.

6.) Are there different interest rate options TBFL offer?
   No, We offer fixed and floating rate of interest as per the prevailing market condition.

7.) What are the loan tenure options?
  Option of selecting the tenure is subjective and depends upon case to case with the      eligibility factor keeping in mind. This tenure can be for a maximum period of 20 years,      provided that the tenure does not extend beyond your reaching 60 years of age or      retirement age, whichever is earlier.

8.) What Documents are required for a loan approval?
   For a Salaried Person, the following documents are required :
  •  3 months Salary Slip
  •   Last 6 months Bank Statements.
  •   Form 16 of last two years.
   For a Self-Employed person, the following documents are required :
  •  Last 3 years Balance Sheet, profit & Loss Account,
     Computation of Income & IT Return attested by CA
  •  Certificate of Practice (If Applicable)
  •  Latest One year bank statement
  •  Business Profile
   Common Document :
  •  Residence Proof.
  •  2 Photographs
  •  Date of Birth Proof
  •  Educational Qualification Certificate
9.) Is a co-applicant required for the loan?
   loans are generally for longer tenure, therefore we always prefer a co-applicant in      your interest as well as to enhance your loan requirements. You can include your      wife/husband or close relatives as co-applicant.

10.) What is an EMI?
   EMI is an uniform lump sum installment amount, which contains part of principal amount      and interest component. EMI remains constant throughout the loan period.

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